on March 10, 2020

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Episode 42: Your Baby CAN Sleep with Becca Campbell of @littlezsleep 

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March is National Sleep Month and to kick off our 3 part series dedicated to helping us get the best sleep possible, we have pediatric sleep consultant and podcast host Becca Campbell joining us on today’s episode of the MomForce podcast. Our host Vanessa and co-host Kara (and sister) ask Becca a few questions specific to baby sleep and she gives us some very useful tips

Tip #1:

Many moms like to have their baby’s close to them at night. A bassinet next to the bed is a great way to keep your newborn close. But do you find yourself waking up to every coo and grunt? Try moving the bassinet a little further down the bed, or to the other side of the room. Your baby is still nearby, but all those sweet nighttime sounds aren’t disturbing your own sleep.

Tip #2:

Does this scenario sound familiar? Baby is tired and cranky but won’t go down for a nap, so you strap him in the carseat for a quick ride around the neighborhood to fall asleep? Becca says eliminate the props. Teaching your baby to fall asleep without pacifiers or bottles or car rides allows them to self soothe, so when they wake up 20 minutes into their nap, they can roll over and fall back asleep on their own.

Tip #3:

It’s 5 am and your toddler is ready to roll for the day.. So to buy ourselves more precious sleep, we give her a sippy of chocolate milk, turn a show on and we go back to bed. Yes, we might get an hour or so of sleep, but this teaches your child that as soon as they wake up, they get their “fix”. Becca suggests waiting at least 10 minutes before giving any drinks or shows or “fixes”. 

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