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Parenting in a Digital World with Anna MacFarlane of @kidsaretheworst

"Teaching online safety is just as important as teaching fire safety these days."

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Welcome to the MomForce Podcast! Vanessa Quigley, mother of 7, entrepreneur and co-founder of Chatbooks, hosts this refreshing take on all things mom. Along with her 4 sisters, they’ll get into the nitty-gritty of real life parenting together, bringing you some tried and true tips and tricks to help make mom-life a little easier. And check out the #momforce by Chatbooks Facebook page.

Screentime. Devices. Social Media. Oh my! The MomForce is full of questions about raising children in a digital age. How old should your kid be before you allow them to play on an iPad? When is it appropriate to have a smartphone? What about a social media account?

It’s a tech heavy world. Kids are practically born with the ability to work devices. Teaching online safety is just as important as teaching fire safety these days. Stop, Walk, and Tell should be taught right alongside Stop, Drop, and Roll. On this episode of the MomForce Podcast, Anna McFarlane of “Kids are the Worst” joins Vanessa to share her expertise on all things social media.

It’s not IF your kids are going to see something bad online, but WHEN they’re going to see it. When kids come across something they’re not comfortable with, they need to feel like they can come to you about it. You can limit kids exposure, but the best defense is good communication.

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