We all love receiving beautifully wrapped boxes, almost as much as the gift itself. This list of gift-wrapping hacks will cut your wrap time in half! giftwrap

“Chalkboard” Packaging
It’s not made from real chalkboard because #impossible, but this wrapping does the job of letting you personalize your gift for each receiver. We used black butcher paper and a white marker to create our masterpieces. Best part?  Everyone can join in: get your kids to draw Grandma their newest creation on the paper and the wrapping becomes a special gift all on its own.


Basket of Books 

Is there anything worse than sorting through last year’s used gift boxes trying to find the size you need for this year’s present? Well probably, but we still prefer to cut the box out of our gift giving equation by placing our goods in a basket and tying it off with a nice bow. This basket was found at West Elm and it is just the right size for the Original Chatbooks.


Because we love a basket of books so much we wanted to find the right fit for gifting a series of our Hardcover Chatbooks. We got creative and found this utensil holder at Target. The price and size help make for the ultimate gift-wrap holiday hack.

Pinecone and Yarn 

Since we prefer to put the bulk of our Christmas budget towards the gift, we like to keep our wrapping cost low and nothing costs less than “free”. We grabbed some pinecones from our yard, found yarn from a previous project, and wrapped it all up with some tissue paper. Cheap + Easy = Christmas Win.

Easy, gift-wrapping

Mini Collection 

If there’s anything better than one perfectly picked out present, it’s getting multiple! When presenting a series of Chatbooks we like to wrap each one individually, spreading the joy of the unwrap out even longer.

easy gift-wrapping

Anyway you wrap it, Chatbooks are sure to make anyones holiday happier this year.