When the temperature drops and the parties move indoors, there’s no need to sacrifice your winter baby’s birthday fun. Sure, you can bring out the board games and put out a cake, or you can next-level your kid’s birthday celebration with one of these creative indoor ideas that don’t require much more effort. From a movie premiere to cooking classes, these parties will guarantee that your kid and their friends will have a blast and stay cozy too.

Host A Movie Night for The Stars

All you need is a blank wall and a rented projector to pull off a movie premiere right at home. Invite the guests to dress in their finest, roll out a red carpet with some cloth from the craft store, and let the stars arrive. Don’t worry about chairs, just let everyone chill on a pile of sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows. Pass out bowls of popcorn, candy, and cocoa and you’re all set.

Create Flower Crowns

Your little ones can now enjoy an Alice’s Table party too! Their kids’ birthday parties just launched and can hook you up with everything you need for your little flower child to create wearable pieces of art. One of their Execs (they’re based all over the country) will come to your party bearing fresh flowers (yes, even in the winter months!), and all of the necessary materials (including the birthday spirit!) to help the birthday goers twist up crowns fit for a fairy princess (or prince!).

Arrange an Art-y Party

Play to the budding Picassos in your life with an art bonanza! Set out crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, finger paint, and mini easels. If you think the artists might need inspiration, print off pictures of famous art types (abstract, landscape, pop art) and arrange bowls of fruit for still lifes and teddy bears for models.

Set Up a Photo Booth

They’re all the rage at weddings, but photo booths are fun for snap-happy kiddos too (you know how much they love looking at pictures of themselves on your phone). Set up your own with a camera, clicker, and box of funny props from feather boas to oversized glasses. Capture the goofy moments and keep the memories alive long after the party’s over with a beautiful Chatbooks photobook. Your VIP will be able to relive their favorite moments with friends for years to come.

Design a Treasure Hunt

Scratch the standard birthday party goodie bags, and let the guests scavenge for treasure instead! Kick off the hunt with a wild tale of hidden birthday treasure, hand out telescopes and paper maps, and let the search begin! Once the loot is unearthed, satisfy the appetite of your adventurers with a good ol’ slice of cake.

Book a Cooking Class

Kids can cook! Seriously! They love getting a little messy and chowing down on their creations at the end. Many cities have cooking classes for little guys (Panera even runs a Bakers-In-Training program), and some chefs specialize in holding classes for kids in your home.