Any stay-at-home parent can relate. It’s the aspect of parenting we rarely talk about: the moments that aren’t so Instagram worthy, the days that don’t feel quite so fulfilling, and the instances we may become jealous of our spouse for their life outside of the home. As the day-to-day duties of being the parent at home pile up, it’s easy for resentment to build as well.

The moms in our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group have been there and shared their go-to tips for when you just want to go on Mom strike.

Talk to your spouse. Communication is key when it comes to how you’re both feeling about your roles. Remember to give your spouse the benefit of the doubt if you’re afraid they might not listen to you. You owe it to each other to share what’s on your mind. And remember: no one has your back more than your partner does!

Find your passion. A job? A hobby or a new skill? An old skill you’ve been ignoring or hoping to develop? Finding something that fulfills you—no matter how small— can give you something to look forward to when the home duties get to be too much.

Take time for yourself. Whether you’re able to find time for a nap, Netflix, a fitness class, or a tasty treat, remember that even the smallest amount of self-care goes a long way. Communicate with your spouse and plan time away, either together or on your own. A Saturday to yourself, a girl’s weekend, or a night away together can leave you feeling refreshed enough to come home and tackle those monotonous tasks that sometimes get us down.

Delegate duties. Remember that although it may feel like it sometimes, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Give chores to your kids (if they’re old enough) and split up home duties with your spouse. There might even be a trustworthy neighbor kid you could hire to perform simple tasks.

No matter what, remember that you have to take care of yourself and your own needs before you’re able to take care of everyone else. There’s a lot on your plate, but you’ve got this mama!


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