Hi there,

Earlier this summer we shared what we think Chatbooks is really all about: holding on to and seeing more of the everyday moments that make us truly happy.

But we also know it’s not always easy—or sometimes even possible—to live happy. We’ve struggled with anxiety and depression personally, and we’ve also seen it in our family, with multiple close friends, on our team, and in our community service.

Seeing kids deal with anxiety and depression is especially tough. And terribly, recent studies find that as many as 25% of kids say they’ve experienced debilitating sadness or anxiety in the past year.

That’s why we’re donating a portion of our sales to support emotional wellness in kids through a new initiative from the United Way called EveryDay Strong. We’d like to send you a free copy of this program’s Resilience Handbook. It provides expert-designed tools and exercises that you can use to build resilience in kids you love.

Get your copy here >> chatbooks.com/livehappy

If you or anyone you know is struggling, know that you’re not alone. We can help each other and there are better days ahead.

From our family to yours,

Nate and Vanessa Quigley
Chatbooks co-founders