Whether it is a high school graduation, or the time a child earns a graduate degree, graduations are a time of much celebration and tons of pictures! But what do you do with these pictures to make them special? Let them sit on your phone for a few years before finally deleting them to make way for pictures of the first grandchild?

Here are some tips on how to create memorable Chatbook photo albums for graduation that help you and your loved ones remember the day.


Graduation Photo Books To Create:


Take pictures of your son or daughter with each of their friends. Do the standard picture of them with their diplomas, in caps and gowns, next to each other. Then, mix it up! Have them throw their hats together, get a close up of them making wacky faces, snap a few photos while they are chatting with each other about which party to attend that night.


Oftentimes family members will travel from out of state to visit the graduate on their big day. Be sure to get lots of pictures of siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents with the graduate.


There are a number of “items” your graduate might appreciate a picture of so that they can remember them later. Take up close pictures of the following:

  • 1. The outfit worn that day – especially any special shoes or socks that might have been worn.
  • 2. The cap & tassel
  • 3. The gown folded up with the diploma on top.
  • 4. A close up of the celebratory cake, cupcakes, or other goodies prepared.
  • 5. A picture of the school sign.
  • 6. A picture of the school itself, or the buildings the child spent the most time in.
  • 7. The commencement agenda – zoom in on the child’s name.


Graduation is full of moments; the moment he or she receives their diploma, the hug from proud parent to child, blowing out the candles on a celebratory cake, the moment the cap is released from the hand and into the air, and many others throughout that day.

These moments, short little action shots, taken throughout the day, can make for an amazing photo book that a child can keep with them for years.

Once all of these photos have been snapped on a smartphone, making some amazing photo books for your child is easy! Simply login to the Chatbooks app and start adding pictures, up to 60 can be added for each book.

Make them 4 separate books filled with these picture categories…or combine categories and create a book for Family & Friends and another for Moments & Items. Either way, your child will love being able to flip through their graduation books and remember everything that was great about that day.