Grab your “passport” and your imagination and get ready for an epic visit to the country of your choice! You won’t even have to leave your house.

This week’s #52memories activity is perfect to do with your kids! Here’s how to get your “vacation” going with these tips:

1) Choose the country you want to “visit”.

2) Grab/buy/bake all things said country and deck out a room or two in your house.

3) Set up an “airplane” with rows of chairs in another room! Collect boarding pretend boarding passes and stamp passports (printables below). You can even push a cart of treats up and down the aisle to keep your passengers extra happy.

4) Have a fun visiting your “country” – dressing up, learning about culture, taking pics, and eating exciting foods! Add to the ambience by queueing up a playlist of songs characteristic of your country.

5) Help your little travelers keep track of all their adventures in their passports! They’ll be so excited to start planning your next trip.

Get a Printable Passport Here:

Printable passport for kids

Printable Passport for Kids

Printable Passport for Kids