Chatbooker-in-Chief Vanessa and amazing actress/co-founder of Foodstirs Sarah Michelle Gellar  get together to discuss memories, motherhood, and baking with purpose. Sarah is one of our favorite Chatbookers! She says:

We love Chatbooks because then we can take all of our trips and all of our crazy pictures that we have and then we make them into books. I have to give you guys credit too because it is something that I’ve worried about for some time. When I was younger, I loved developing pictures and spending time in the dark room, and putting all my pictures in a frame, and all over my house, and I took such pride in it. And then we got to this digital age where all of our pictures are accessible on our phones and our laptops, but we don’t really display them, and have them physically anymore. Chatbooks is such a great way to [really sort of] commemorate a trip, a year, a birthday, whatever those milestones are, and to really have it physical and tangible.


You can watch the virtual hangout here: