Who is mom? Is mom a fashionista? Does she create and share lots of recipes? Is mom big into nail designs? Or maybe she hikes to new places every weekend. No matter who mom is, or what her interests are, we’ve got a gift idea for her.



If mom’s got style it’s time to get her her own style book. Compile all those Instagram pictures and phone selfies of her favorite outfits, and put them into a Chatbook. She can look back at her outfits and recall how to recreate them in the future.

With Chatbooks you can also add your own captions; write the articles of clothing used in each photo to better help her recreate her favorites later.

Recipe Lover

Does mom try new recipes each week, earning her degree as master chef of the household? Snap some pictures for her on your phone (or pull the pictures from her Instagram feed) to create a recipe Chatbook for her.

With Chatbooks, you can enjoy a large picture of each scrumptious meal on every page. Them simply type in the recipe notes at the bottom as a caption. Now mom can do a quick shuffle through her homemade recipe book to find what’s for dinner.

Nail Designs

The art of nail stamping, french tips, tie dye dips, and sparkly finger jewels are tons of fun on Instagram these days. If you’ve got a mom that does not only her own nails but the kid’s nails, the dogs nails, and sometimes even your dad’s nails, then it’s time to get her a book!

With all her nail designs in one place she can share her art with friends and family. Simply add the names of the nail polish colors into the captions, and now mom has a book to not only share with others, but to use as a style book for those that want their nails done by her too.


Does mom always come back from a hike, bike, or run with lots of pictures on her phone to scroll through and show everyone at the house?

“And this is the big beetle I almost stepped on…here’s the waterfall….oops that’s just a selfie, ignore that one.”

Get mom something she will truly appreciate this Mother’s Day, a compilation of all these photos from all of her many adventures. By gathering these natural wonders into a Chatbook, you can enable mom to share her discoveries with anyone that comes to the house.

The Crafter


The evidence is all over the house; homemade pillows, fancy bulletin boards, painted pots, and of course, an Instagram full of photos. If this is your home, then your mother is in need of a Chatbook.

Give mom a tangible book of all her various crafts that she can flip through and reminisce on. The other bonus? Our books are travel size, now mom can take her crafts with her to grandma and grandpa’s house and share all her crafting experiences with the family without having to box up her fragile pots.

Jewelry Maker

She has a necklace for everything; book club, your sister’s wedding, that blue dress, everything! She spends her time with reading glasses at the tip of her nose and her hands delved into string, wire, and jewels.

The jewelry maker mom is always making something beautiful…the problem? She frequently gives away those beautiful things and has no reminder of what they looked like, or a way to show others what she can do.

The solution? Get her a Chatbook for Mother’s Day! Put all those gorgeous jewelry pieces in a feature book that allows mom to recollect the beads and tools used to make it, and give her the opportunity to show others what she is capable of.

The Photographer

Mom may force you to go out to the middle of nowhere wearing matchy outfits and stand in front of a run-down barn to get your family pictures taken, but if she is also the one that is behind the camera taking these creative snapshots 90% of the time, then for this Mother’s Day you should get her a Chatbook.

Using her Instagram, Facebook, website, or phone, gather up all her best shots and put them into a keepsake book for her. She can use it to show other clients different poses, colors, or locations.

The Mom

And of course, there is simply Mom; the mom that takes care of the kids all day, cleans up the house, runs errands, makes dinner, helps with homework, and somehow still has time and energy to play a game before bed.

This mom deserves a Chatbook for Mother’s Day. Simply connect her Instagram feed to our Chatbooks app and get all those cute baby photos, first day of school photos, and crafts with mom pictures into a 60 page Chatbook.

Did you think Chatbooks could be used in so many fun and unique ways? Now that you know getting mom a Chatbook for Mother’s day is a great choice, head this way to get started.

**The deadline to get mom a Chatbook by Mother’s Day is Monday April 25th, 2016.