Capturing just the right candid shot for Instagram, or a breathtaking landscape to simply enjoy later may be difficult with your standard camera app. Good thing we’ve put together some of the best camera replacement apps for you to take advantage of. Enjoy and happy picture snapping!

photo apps on smartphones



This app takes minimalism to the next level, specially designed to allow users to take advantage of the raw power of the camera. There is a very generic auto setting, but the app is best for slow and deliberate photography using all the features the app has to offer like ISO sensitivity and white balance. There are no filters, which rocks the boat a bit as far as camera apps go. Manual costs $2 to download.

$2.99 For IOS


With millions of users and years of perfecting the app, Camera+ is arguably the best available for iPhone users. The interface has a similar feel to Apple’s own app, but is simpler and easier to use. However, do not let the simplicity of its appearance fool you. The app has standout editing features and allows you to have complete control over exactly how much control you want when shooting. You will find nearly everything a luxury a point-and-shoot camera offers. Camera+ costs $3.

$2.99 for IOS

Camera 360 Ultimate

This app is the go-to for most Android users looking for a camera replacement app. Camera 360 Ultimate allows you to quickly take some of the highest quality photos from your phone. The app also provides an EasyCam setting for more inexperienced users still hoping to take nice photos with crisp details. The best feature of all may be the free download.

FREE for IOS & Android


For the filter fanatics out there, this app is made for you. TADAA lets iPhone users  easily swipe through its glorious live filter selection while snapping pictures. Inside each filter is the chance to make it your own by adjusting hue and intensity. There are also smart masks that allow you to isolate sections of your photo for an even better look. The app is free although some of the filter bundles inside the app cost a small fee.



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