It’s an age-old question: When it comes to gift-giving, what the heck do you get for the person who has everything (or, worse, waves their hand and says, “You don’t need to get me anything!”)? Chatbooks to the rescue: You can use our crazily easy tools to design a special, personalized scrapbook for that special someone. It’s a super versatile present that’ll make your loved one feel super, well, loved. Want proof that a custom book is always a good idea? Read on!



Following a huge, successful event that took countless hours, meetings, headaches, and possibly bottles of wine, your co-organizer deserves a good-looking recap of the event you pulled off together. Consider it recognition of her work—and fun proof of how well the whole thing went, in the end!


#TBTs and #FBFs are some of the best things on Instagram, and old-school photos of you and your siblings (or favorite cousins!) goofing around as kids are undoubtedly some of the most-liked. Give your close family member—the one who loved you even when you had big braces and a bowl haircut—a whole collection of awesome old shots he can look through without firing up his phone (or dragging an aging 1980’s photo album off the shelf).


When you’re celebrating a big old ending or beginning—the finale of her first community theater show, the first day of the season, New Year’s Day, or, of course, her birthday—nothing marks the occasion like a look-how-far-you’ve-come personalized scrapbook, starring, of course, the kid of the hour. You’ll help her look back on all the fun she’s had (gratitude and reflection in the midst of our now-now-now era, anyone?), and you’ll provide her with a memory she’ll cherish forever—in print, not just pixels.


They love you to death. And they’d never admit it, but if they had it their way, they’d be with you constantly, sharing in your awesome life experiences and supporting you when times get rough. Since you can’t constantly carry them around on Facetime (that would be creepy!), you can do the next best thing—beautifully, tangibly—by making them a customized scrapbook showing everything you’ve been up to. Now they can page through those awesome selfies from Paris and those great shots of your staycation and feel like they know what you’ve been up to. No more, “You should call home more often!”


If you have kids, here’s a universal truth: Your folks (or folks-in-law) are the only humans other than you who want to see every single photo of the little rugrats (every. single. one). The rest of us think your munchkins are totally adorable, of course, but we’re less interested in the 49th photo of her sleeping in her carseat. Since Grandpa and Grandma can’t get enough, they will love a just-for-them scrapbook packed with picture after picture of your cute little angels. Give them something they can page through whenever, show off to their friends, and keep forever, and they’ll be the proudest g-parents on the planet.