Before “Peter Cottontail” delivers their baskets, we asked our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook Group for a few ideas on how to happily distract the kiddos in the midst of all the other activities that keep most moms busy during this holiday weekend. We hope you find something fun below to liven up this holiday for your special some-bunnies!

Letters aren’t just for Santa. Get kids practicing their writing skills by crafting a letter to the Easter Bunny. It’ll give them a chance to be creative while giving Mom an adorable keepsake, not to mention tips for which goodies they’d like to find in their Easter baskets this year.

Add some egg-citement to the hunt. Instead of the same old, Easter egg hunt, you can set the kids up for hours of fun with an Easter Scavenger Hunt! Set up Bingo cards using candies as markers and hide all kinds of treasures throughout your backyard. Create your own scavenger hunt or download one for free!

Skip the usual dye job. Put a new spin on dying eggs by using some exciting artsy tricks. From Mudcloth to tattoos, to ombre, you can discover all kinds of inventive, new egg-painting techniques.

Don’t forget the family photo! You know they’ll be too big for their adorable pastel Easter clothes by next year, so be sure to get photos before the day ends—and preferably before they get messy with all their fun activities!

You got this mama! We hope you’ll find the perfect activity to please everybunny in your family. If not, there are always Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.


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