We love discovering fun and meaningful new ways to put Chatbooks to good use! Our new favorite Custom book is the BFF Book! Here’s why one Chatbooker wanted a BFF book:

“My two best friends Allie and Hannah have been my partners in crime since pre-school. The fun, crazy memories I have with them are COUNTLESS and I didn’t want them to be forgotten as we grew up! So for their 20th birthdays, I decided to make a book of pictures of the three of us, starting at age 5. From dance recitals, first days of school, to our many summertime shenanigans, the book is filled with GEMS. My friends absolutely loved the gift and we laughed our heads off looking through it together!”

Want to surprise your bestie with a book? Here’s how:

  1. Gather photos of you and you friend that you want to include in your BFF book. One easy way is to make an album on your phone or computer. Or use the favorites button in your camera roll to make the process even quicker!
  2. Upload photos into your Chatbook.
  3. Add a blank text page at the end of your book so you can leave a sweet handwritten note to your bestie!
  4. Pick your cover! You can download one of our designs below, or upload your own photo or graphic (to download an image below: Click on the link below the image of the cover you would like.  Download the image from Dropbox. It will automatically save to your camera roll (if you’re on a phone) or to your computer.)
  5. Voila! Order a book for you and your BFF—get ready for the smiles, laughs, and possible tears to come.