Hey there Chatbookers

It’s me Nate, the co-founder and CEO of Chatbooks.

On Father’s Day last month, I posted a photo of super young me–throwin’ it back to the 90’s at age 23!–with our baby Calvin on my first Father’s Day. We were living in Paris, and each night we would walk around the city waiting for our apartment to cool off enough so we could sleep. In July, we noticed these big signs that said “SOLDES!” (Sale!) in every one of the fancy department store windows, and it seemed like everyone in Paris was talking about it.

We were making minimum wage, living on zucchini and couscous because it was cheap, but we went to check out the sales anyway—maybe a big sale meant we could finally afford some fancy French clothes or something! But even though this sale was such a big event advertised all over the city, items were only 10 or 20% off.

It felt so honest to me, like the prices actually meant something all the rest of the year. Unlike in the U.S., where sales don’t mean much anymore and it feels like everything is always 40% off, the everyday prices in Paris all of the sudden seemed fair and right. The sale was simply a bonus, and it only happened twice a year, once in summer and once in winter.

This Parisian way stuck with us so much that we wanted to do something similar when we launched Chatbooks: we set our price so that we deliver a great value 365 days a year. We’re never going to be 40-50% off inflated prices every other week like some of our competitors. Instead, we’re just $10 for a 60 page photo book, every single day. But we do want to offer a special bonus twice a year, so we’ll go on sale in July and on Black Friday.

So welcome to our very special semi-annual sale! It’s the perfect opportunity to start that series, make a custom book, or get extra copies of your Chatbooks. And the best part: just like at the grand Parisian department stores, you can feel good about the value you get the rest of the year, too.

Happy Chatbooking,

summer sale