Summer To Do List

A month of summer is gone already, and in a blink it will all be over. I know there have been moments when I have felt sheer panic because I realized I was BORED on a summer afternoon! And it’s not surprising that this is a dilemma common among parents with kids at home all day. But don’t worry, we have an easy strategy that will help you kick the summertime boredom out of the water, make an ultimate summer to do list. It’s so simple:

Get a piece of paper and some colorful markers.

Making your list colorful is part of the fun.

Using your markers, cover the paper with anything you want to do before summer ends.

It can be a fun activity or just something on your to-do list that you keep putting off. Such as: hike to a waterfall, outdoor movie, write a letter, organize desk drawers, etc. Just put down whatever pops into your head! You can even prioritize by writing some things larger than others. And if there is something you’d like to do more than once throughout the summer, write it multiple times!

Summer To Do List

Hang the paper somewhere you will see it often

Think fridge, bedroom door, mirror, etc.

Start crossing off your list!

Every time you find yourself not knowing what to do with yourself, head on over to your list! Make it a goal to get as many things crossed off as possible.

Get excited!

Whenever you cross something off, congratulate yourself. You’re being productive and you should feel real good about that.

By the end of August you’ll be able to look at your paper full of colorful stripes and see how much you accomplished this summer! You’ll have the pictures to show what an awesome summer you had, plenty for a 2016 summer break Chatbook.  And you’ll avoid the regret you would have felt watching Netflix in the middle of the day. Get summer activity inspiration here and here.

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