Hi Chatbookers! It’s me Nate, the co-founder and CEO of Chatbooks.

Vanessa and I lived in Paris when our first two kids were young, and this June we took our family back for a week. We showed the kids our old apartment on 41 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet, the florist where I’d buy Vanessa flowers, and the street market where we did lots of our daily grocery shopping. For old times’ sake we bought some cheese and baguettes and walked over to Champ de Mars for a picnic. We got a little nostalgic and told the kids story after story of being young and poor in Paris, surviving on couscous and zucchini before most of them were born 🙂

As we headed home a few days later, everyone agreed that our little nostalgic afternoon in the old neighborhood was our favorite part of the trip. And while the kids didn’t really notice, Vanessa and I talked about how nice it was to just shop on our market street and pay simple and fair prices. That part stood out to us because simple, fair prices almost seems like a novel idea back home in America, where “30-50% off” signs are such a part of our daily shopping life. It seems both silly and a little condescending, honestly. If something is on sale every other week, we’re smart enough to see through the game.

At Chatbooks we decided early on to give you our best prices, every day. And to work hard to make our products as affordable as we possibly can, so you never have to feel the need to “time” a Chatbooks purchase, or hunt for a promo code. We were inspired by the French approach to pricing and sales we saw as young parents. So when we do go on sale—20% off, twice a year—it’s not part of a complicated price and discounting game. It just a fun little bonus, and a great time to make books out of some of those memories you’re making!

So welcome to our very special semi-annual sale! It’s the perfect opportunity to start that Series, make a Custom book, or get extra copies of your Chatbooks. And the best part: just like at the grand Parisian department stores and in the small street markets, you can buy during the sale AND still feel good about the value you’ll be getting the rest of the year, too.

Happy Chatbooking,


P.S. The Chatbooks Summer Sale runs today through July 31st. Use code GROW for 20% off everything.