On the hunt for a fun indoor activity this summer? Try a classic family movie night.

With the kids out of school, movie night can be any day of the week. Read on for tips on how to set the scene to make a home movie night as memorable as a trip to the theater.

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Only One Screen

Just like at the theaters – no texting! Make sure everyone commits to being together and present. Put down the devices and focus on the one screen that matters when watching a movie. There will be plenty of time to update social media after the film is over.

Get Comfy

When you’re at home, you get free reign to get cozy and relaxed. Put on your favorite jammies or sweats and settle in for the night. Bring extra pillows and break out the fleece blankets – they’re not too warm for the summer when the air conditioning is on and are perfect for sharing. Prepare to chillax!

Pick Your Flick

Try choosing something to watch that you wouldn’t normally see in a theater, like a documentary. Can’t find any good options? Do a quick sort with the site What is on Netflix to sort the movies with the highest reviews instantly.

If you’ve got little ones, skip the explosions and fight scenes by using a software like VidAngel. Also, make sure to do a quick check of the running time before starting a movie so you don’t completely blow through bedtime.

Even if you don’t choose the best movie in the world, remember: you’ve got the whole family together, and that’s what counts!

Movie Treats

Last but not least, you’ve got to have the perfect movie treats. At the theater you’re always torn between candy or popcorn. We’ve discovered the adorable and delicious Movie Night Kit from our friends at Foodstirs which offers the best of both worlds – it looks like buttered popcorn, but is actually marshmallow topped cupcakes!

Pinterest-worthy for sure, super easy to make and can make any home baker look like a rock star. You’ll be ready to win the award for “Best Movie Night Snack.” Then snap away and you’ll have pics set for your next Chatbook.

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