Why bask in the air conditioning when you can be cooling down and exercising all in one go? Stage a water balloon tournament! All you need is a lawn (or park), balloons, water, and some willing players. If you’re looking to capture the joy of summer in a photo, this is it. Let the splashing begin!

Summer Activity: Stage a Water-Balloon Tournament!


Manually filling and tying off water balloons at the hose or faucet can be a bit of a drag. That’s why we love the Bunch O Balloons, a dad’s genius invention that fills and seals off up to 100 water balloons in a minute flat. Just attach the apparatus to a tap, let the water flow, and give the bunch a gentle shake and watch the filled, tied-off water bombs drop like fruit from the vine. (See, you’re having fun already — and the games haven’t even begun yet!)


Everyone loves a classic round of Water-Balloon Toss! Have folks pair up and stand a short distance away from their partners (so you’ll have two parallel lines). One partner throws a water balloon to the other; if it doesn’t break, they each take a step back (upping the odds of splashdom…and the anticipation!). If your crew’s up for a challenge, bring out beach towels and have pairs hold the sides and launch balloons into the air, slingshot-style, for another towel-wielding pair to catch in their own beach towel!


Water balloons lend themselves to an easy variation on Hot Potato: Sit or stand in a wide circle (with space between each player), and begin tossing a balloon around the circle (in order—say, always clockwise). If the balloon breaks on you, you’re out! Whoever’s left high and (literally) dry is the winner. For older kids, you can even get a few “hot potatoes” going around the circle at once.


Water balloon fights are a classic for a reason—and they’re even better when water guns or hose-wielding warrior are involved! Split into two teams or make it every-man-for-himself…and remember, the fun is in getting wet, not necessarily being the last man standing, so have fun! Don’t forget to snap a pic for your Chatbook of your water hijinks, you’ll love looking back on that hot day in the winter

Summer Activity: Stage a Water-Balloon Tournament!


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