We’re pretty excited about the Interstellar movie opening this weekend. If Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway can get themselves to another galaxy, shouldn’t we be able to get a box of Chatbooks to Australia? There’s got to be a way right?!?

We’ve wanted to be able to ship Chatbooks anywhere in the world for months now. We’ve had so many requests for shipping outside the U.S. and Canada and we really do aim to please. But it turns out it’s just a lot more complicated than we originally thought it would be. It’s also expensive, of course.

We’ve been hoping to find an elegant solution to this “ship-anywhere-in-the-world” problem…and we haven’t yet. But we have found a bit of a hack that may work if you’re wiling to work through a few additional steps.

Here’s the workaround:

  1. Sign up for an International Mail Forwarding service
  2. Enter your address with that service when you order your Chatbooks
  3. Email to ask for help in pausing your subscriptions periodically in order to accumulate multiple volumes and save on overall shipping costs

There are lots of different International Mail Forwarding services out there. You can learn more about these services by Googling a bit and looking for recommendations. As a starting point you could check out the five services reviewed in the following blog post:

Once you’ve chosen a service provider and signed up you can use the address they provide you to place your Chatbooks orders. As you review their pricing it will become pretty obvious that you won’t want to ship just 1 book…the “per book shipping costs” become much more economical when you can spread the initial fixed cost of the first 0.5Kg across a number of volumes.

If you are subscribing to your Instagram Series and have lots of volumes in your initial shipment, it should be pretty reasonable on a “per book” basis. For planning purposes, know that a 60-page Chatbook weighs about .3lbs, or 0.14Kg.

But in our opinion, even if the shipping costs might seem reasonable when you’re shipping 10-20 volumes in your initial shipment, they *definitely* won’t seem reasonable if you’re only shipping 1 60-page volume. So after you receive your initial shipment, please email so we can “pause” your subscription for you while another bigger batch of books accumulates. It may even take a year…that’s OK.

When you get a big enough batch of books accumulated to where the “per book” shipping costs again seem reasonable, just email us again at and tell us to “un-pause” your subscription. Our support team can then send those “pending” volumes through and you’ll get another batch delivered.

Of course with this approach Chatbooks can only guarantee delivery through to the Mail Forwarding service. Once your package is received by that service you’ll need to rely upon them for tracking and the like. 

VERY IMPORTANTLY, if for any reason there are problems with your books, resolving those issues will be lots more expensive. For that reason we’ll need you to work extra hard previewing your books to ensure everything is exactly right before you submit your order. And finally, while we will do everything we possibly can to print your books to the highest standards and package them well in a U.S. Priority Mail box….we simply won’t be able to offer our standard guarantee. Given the high costs of shipping we can only do our best and then hope for the best – all sales are final and we can’t accept returns.

Thank you once again for all of your encouraging comments and requests asking about our “International Shipping” plans over the past few months. We’d love to have a neater and nicer answer than this one, and hopefully one day we will, but for now we hope this workaround makes sense and we hope it can do in a pinch. 

Questions? Feel free as always to email us at – we’re always eager to help!