Ah, the first day of school. This is the day parents look forward to with equal parts dread and anticipation. We have great plans for this day. Leisurely homemade breakfasts, pictures of the preparations, chatting with the teachers, pictures with new school friends, finding their desk and settling them in, pictures in front of the school as they wave goodbye… we will document it all as we soak in this milestone. What really happens is more like living in fast forward, with missing socks and forgotten lunches thrown in for good measure, and before you know it you’re rushing to get the kids to school and you’ve forgotten pictures entirely so you take one blurry picture of the back of their head as they run to class.

Or is that only me?

This year, I’m going to be one step ahead. I’m planning the next big milestone now — the last day of school. You know, when everyone is giving the teachers homemade crafts and plaques for the teacher’s desk with their name on it? And you grab a pack of pencils and stick on a post-it with a saying about teachers leaving their mark?

Plan now for the last day of school, before it sneaks up on you and catches you unaware. Create a photo book throughout the school year and give it to the teacher on the last day of school.

Start your book now

With Chatbooks its super easy to make a teacher’s gift that they will never forget! Make sure other parents in the class are Chatbooks users and add them as contributors to your book so you can 1) have help and 2) make a more meaningful book for the teacher because it will be from the whole class! (See this post on how to add contributors)

Here are some things you might want to include in the book:

  • art work from the year
  • letters to the teacher
  • pictures from the classroom
  • pictures from field trips
  • thank you notes from students
  • thank you notes from parents
  • before/after pictures of kids with teachers (from beginning and end of year)
  • before/after notes (to show how much the kids improved in handwriting, spelling, etc)
  • lists of favorites from kids — favorite books, subjects, lessons, etc


What are your ideas for a school photo book you and the teacher would cherish for years to come? What would you include?