Eating breakfast in a construction zone every morning for two months wasn’t ideal, but a brand new kitchen was worth the wait (and sawdust in cereal never hurt anyone, right?). When Gerardo decided it was time for a new kitchen, he wanted to be sure every step was documented so he could remember each high—and low—from the journey. “The kitchen was a big expense and a lot of work, so I thought creating a Chatbook would be a great idea,” said Gerardo.

Gerardo took plenty of before pics to show the improvements, and because his family had already experienced so many wonderful memories in their old kitchen. From birthday parties to holiday meals, being sentimental over a kitchen—no matter how in need of an update it might be—is something we’ve all experienced.

Unfortunately, a kitchen remodel takes time. Gerardo took photos of every step that brought his family closer to culinary greatness so he would remember the process.

Once the remodel was finally finished, Gerardo added all of his photos into a Chatbook. Originally, he made the Chatbook just for himself. But nearly everyone who visits his new remodeled space gets to see the before and after shots in his Kitchen Remodel Chatbook! Presenting guests with the Chatbook is so much easier than scrolling through old phone photos every time. Guests love seeing the transformation, and of course, they love hanging out in that new kitchen with Gerardo and his family.

Gerardo had to wait a long time for his kitchen remodel, but making his Chatbook only took a few minutes. Looking back on those weeks of eating take-out and sawdust cereal doesn’t seem so bad now that he has his sparkling new kitchen to enjoy—and the Chatbook that won’t let him forget how hard it was to get there!