Red! Blue! Answering the question “what color is this?” is a perennial favorite game for all toddlers when they are learning to talk. When Keenan, a member of the Chatbooks Social Media Team, realized how much her two-year-old daughter loved practicing her colors, she created a Colors Book for her. In just a few steps, she grouped photos by color and created the most adorable book. And she knew her little girl would love her Chatbook, because she loved looking at pictures of herself!

Follow the 5-step tutorial below to create your own Colors Book, straight from your phone!

Group photos by color. Keenan created iPhone albums on her phone to sort photos by color. She recommends starting with the basic colors red, pink, blue, green, gray, yellow and orange. Look through your Camera Roll to find photos that are predominately that color, such as a photo wearing red pajamas or a photo outside on the green grass. Start to move those photos to the corresponding color album.

Create a color collage (optional). Using the Layout App, create a photo collage with the photos from one color. Keenan chose nine photos for each color page, but you could certainly create a collage with just four photos!  Save the collage photos to your Camera Roll.

Create pages with the color names. Using a Font Design app (Keenan used Rhonna Designs), create text pages with the name of each color. Save these images to your Camera Roll.

Start your Chatbook. Create a new 6×6” or 8×8” Chatbook using the mobile app, or website if you prefer. 8×8” books, with their bigger pages, are particularly great for little people. Upload the collages and the word pages. To make the images full page, tap each photo and select that option.

Edit your book. Arrange the pages in the Chatbooks app in the right order. Preview to make sure it’s just right. Choose the cover design by tapping “Edit Cover.” Pick your favorite Discover Tab designer cover or upload a photo image of your choice for the cover.

Keenan’s little girl is obsessed with her new Colors Book! She looks through it often and is now saying the correct colors like a pro.

If your little one is learning food, animals, days of the week, shapes, or the alphabet, you can follow the same steps in Keenan’s tutorial to make them a book. A personalized book with photos of themselves will become a fast favorite, and will help your little one love learning!