We all have our guilty pleasures. Maybe you secretly listen to Nickelback’s album on repeat in the car. Maybe you’re still catching Pokeballs when everyone else has long since pretended that fad never happened. Undeniably, we are eagerly anticipating the next episode of Nick’s Bachelor season.

Regardless, we all have one not-so-secret obsession in common: our phones. In fact, a recent survey found that a third of people would rather lose their car than lose their phone. Yes, you read that right—the vehicle that transports us to get our happy hour Diet Coke run is considered less valuable to some than our smartphones. Trust us, we were baffled at first too. But, phones are priceless not for the reasons of texting, FaceTiming, or Facebooking on-the-go. Rather, phones were found to be so valuable because they store all of our digital photos and videos.



Our phones serve as the journal we never kept, the scrapbook we never got around to finishing (or starting – who are we kidding) and the memory we hope never gets erased. While we rely so heavily on our phones to store these prized moments, the study ironically also found that one fifth of people never even back up their devices.
Now, don’t worry. If you are part of this one fifth who likes to live on the dangerous side, hope is not lost. That’s what New Year resolutions are for (cue Hallelujah Chorus). Even if you’re not part of this fifth, we have a simple solution for you.


With Chatbooks, you don’t have to lose your memories (or keep them floating in a mysterious cyber cloud where you forget them for that matter). Instead, you can print and cherish them all, even the seemingly mundane, yet very real, moments of our day. Because in reality, our lives are comprised of much more than events like Sam’s little league baseball game and Abby’s role as sheep #4 in the school play.
So, go wild with your camera and document the moments that can be easily, and yet regrettably, forgotten. Start with the view from your kitchen window, the late night ice-cream runs and the post-lunch cheesy Cheetos fingers—because these moments deserve to be remembered too.


Subscribe to a photo book series today and get a jump-start on preserving your everyday. As they say, a photo a day keeps forgetfulness at bay. That is what they say, right?