With today’s busy and hectic schedules, we hardly have any time to scrapbook, or even run to get our favorite pictures printed off. At Chatbooks, we wanted to give people a simple and quick way to have their pictures, and collect their memories, in a ready-to-go photo book.

Creating a Chatbook is quick and easy – it takes just 4 simple steps. Before starting, you’ll need to download the app and create a Chatbook account. This will allow you to save all of your pictures and books in one place and print pictures directly from your phone.


  1. 1. Add Photos & Select Photos.

You can add photos from 4 different places: Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, or directly from your phone photo roll. You can select up to 365 photos to add to your Chatbook.

  1. 2. Make It Yours.

Add a Title. You can name or title your book whatever you please. Simply tap on the default title “My Book” to type in your own unique title.

Add Captions. You can add captions to each photo by clicking on a photo you’ve selected for your book and clicking “add caption.”

Layout Settings. By clicking the settings gear in the top right corner, you can change the layout settings. You can toggle to show avatars, captions, location, date, time, or cover title.

  1. 3. Invite Contributors.

Chatbooks is more fun with friends! Have your friends or family get the app and then share your code with them. When they enter this code when prompted “Have a Code?” you’ll all be able to add photos to the book.

  1.  4. Order.

Once you have added all the photos and captions you want, you are ready to order!

Quantity. You can order multiple copies of your Chatbook to share with family and friends.

Approve Cover. Double check that you are happy with the cover. Change the cover image if you’d like, write something to be printed on the spine, or add a cover title. Here you can also upgrade to a hardcover for $5.

Approve Layout. Add or remove dates, avatar, location, or caption.

Ship to. Add the address you would like your order shipped to

Shipping Options. There are three available shipping options: Pony (2-4 business days with door to door tracking), Bunny (5-8 business days without tracking), and Falcon  (2 business days with tracking).

Payment Options. Add your payment information or enter a code.


And just like that your Chatbook is all ready to be printed and shipped to you!


A Chatbook custom book is a 6-inch by 6-inch single-volume book that can be 30 to 366 pages with one photo per page. Custom books start at $10 for the first 30 pages and $1 for each additional block of 10 pages.