It all started with memories of homemade chocolate pudding, and then inspired a very special Chatbooks recipe collection. Sarah at Chatbooks said, “My grandmother would make my twin sister and me chocolate pudding and serve it in her fancy cups. Grandma made the best food. She could make anything! It was awesome to get my hands on her recipes so I could pass them down to my own kids and tell them about their great-grandma.”

Sarah’s grandmother recently passed away, and Sarah wanted something special to share with her own daughter. Sarah’s grandmother loved cooking, which was how she shared her love with all of her family. Sarah was excited to share a piece of her grandmother with her own daughter by cooking together. She took it up a notch and started gathering her grandmother’s recipes from all her relatives until she had every last one from her grandmother’s handwritten collection.

Then she took photos of each recipe with her phone using natural light. If the recipe card had a front and back, Sarah would use the layout app and put both sides on the same photo. She then added the recipes to her Chatbook, using Rhonna Designs app to create category images such as Desserts, Chicken, etc. Sarah said of her experience compiling the recipes, “As I was going through my grandma’s recipes, I felt like I was able to get to know her a little bit better. I got a glimpse into her life as a wife, mother, and grandmother who cooked for the people she loved.”

Once she was finished creating her grandmother’s recipe cookbook, Sarah wanted everyone in the family to have access. Under settings, and then Share This Book she gave the link to everyone and each of her family members were able to purchase her grandmother’s precious cookbook.

Sarah said, “During the holidays, Grandma always went all out. She would be baking and cooking for days leading up to a large family party, making sure she made something that would satisfy everyone in the family. Most importantly, Grandma always made me feel special and loved. We will continue to use her recipes for a long time. And I’m making sure my own children know just what a wonderful grandmother I had.”

Her grandmother’s legacy will live on through her recipes thanks to Sarah’s hard work preserving all of these cherished recipes in a Chatbook cookbook. And best of all, her hard work will be enjoyed by generations to come!

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