We all know that Chatbooks makes the perfect gift for everyone! All of those pictures we snap easily on our phones can just upload beautifully into the Chatbooks app and print by the click of your finger. But what about all of those old photographs that are in the box in your attic that you mean to do something with…sometime?

This year I gathered all of my grandma’s old loose photographs that sit in a lonely box that she refers to as “the good old days”. I ended up taking pictures of all of the fronts and back of the them with my phone, and then uploaded all of the images into a custom Chatbook. They printed absolutely beautifully and I feel like they look more clear than the original photograph! I can’t wait to have her open her Chatbooks for Christmas and cry her eyes out with pure joy!

When you’re taking a picture of a photograph, there are a few tips on how to achieve the best quality for your Chatbooks.

1. Shoot in natural light. Take all of your old photographs either by a window indoors (with indirect sunlight) or in the shade outside.

2. Use a white background or any solid colored background. Poster boards or mat boards work really well.

3. when you’re taking the picture, hold your phone camera as still as possible, and make sure to tap on the main subject of the photo on your screen to auto focus.

4. If there is writing on the back, make sure to take a picture of that too so you can remember the beautiful old handwriting and see the description of the photo.