Pokemon Go is the definitive fad of Summer 2016. Help your Trainer hold on to their gaming memories forever by filling a Custom Chatbook with their Pokemon Go characters! It’s so easy to personalize a Chatbook for your Mystic, Valor, or Instinct team member—you can use your phone camera right in the Pokemon Go app or take screen shots. To access your phone camera in the Pokemon Go app simply press the camera icon in the lower right corner. Any pictures you take in-app will pop up in your camera roll.

Create A Photo Book For Your Pokemon Go Fan!

To create your Pokemon Go Chatbook:

-Open the Chatbooks app

-Press the + icon

-Choose Custom Book under the “Other “ section

-Tap “Start By Adding Photos”

-Start adding photos “From My Phone” by pressing “Photos”

-Add all your Pokemon pics from your camera roll

Create A Photo Book For Your Pokemon Go Fan!

You can rearrange your pictures or add a text page to make your Chatbook exactly how you want! Gotta catch them all……and then put them in a Chatbook.