The Perfect Gift For College Students

Your high schooler is now a graduate and will soon be leaving the nest for their next exciting adventure — one that involves new roommates, meal plans, a huge campus, and tiny dorm rooms. Chatbooks are the perfect way to send your college student off with a piece of home! Whether you print their Instagram series or fill a Custom book with fun memories, they’ll love looking through their Chatbooks and displaying them artfully in their dorm!

The Perfect Gift For College Students

Ways to Gift Chatbooks to your College Kids

-Send them a copy of your Ongoing Series, so they can stay connected to home life.

-Add them as a contributor to a Series—find out how here!

-Create a book of all their school pics from 1st grade to graduation day.

-Have the whole family contribute pictures and add in comments.

-Help them style the perfect Chatbooks spot in their dorm room!
The Perfect Gift For College Students

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