Photo scavenger hunts, where teams get a list of kooky things to spot and snap with their cameras, are popular on vacation…but why wait until you’re out of town to join the fun?

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Photo scavenger hunts, AKA photo safaris, can work a million different ways. One of the most common is to give players (or teams) the same list of tricky (but not impossible!) things to track down and shoot, and whoever finishes first wins. An easy variation is to assign different points values to items (more on those in a moment), and with harder-to-find things garnering more points, and whoever has the highest total at the end of a set period (say, two hours) wins the prize. (May we suggest the lucky winner gets their choice of family dinner…or pancakes in bed?)


This is a Goldilocks situation: You want the items on the to-find list to be not too easy, not too hard, but juuust right. First, decide if the entire game will be held inside (perfect for a rainy day!) or if the yard and even neighborhood are in-bounds, too. Then have some fun brainstorming a list of scavenger-hunt targets!
Some can require a keen eye (a group of four items that all begin with K, three items that are the exact same shade of orange), some can require a little set-up (a three-foot-tall stack of *unbreakable* items that are each smaller than six inches, the family pet wearing sunglasses), and some can require a little digging (a photo of Grandma or Grandpa wearing a green cap). And keep in mind what’ll make a hilarious photo: goofy stuff like a human wearing a piece of kitchenware or a mirror selfie with six stuffed animals posing for the looking glass, too!


If you can, find a way to project everyone’s masterpieces onto a larger screen (like the TV or a computer) so you can admire them (and laugh it up) together! Once first, second, and third place have been awarded, don’t forget to compile the best photos (using an app like PicStitch) into one great shareable image. Now you’ll never forget the day you all became camera-wielding treasure-hunters!