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Photo Book Series



Make Your Book

Photo books for people who don’t have time to make photo books

Set up a Photo Book Series, then forget about it: photos you post on social media or choose from your phone will be added in automatically.

Instagram Series

Automatically turn your Instagram photos into a stunning series of photo books.

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Facebook Series

Turn your Facebook status updates into gorgeous photo books, in 5 minutes!

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Favorites Series

Make a photo book by tapping your favorite photos from your phone Camera Roll.

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Simple. Beautiful. Automatic.

The photo books designed to fit your life

Auto Sync

Once you choose a photo source, our app gets to work. Each time you post a photo on social media or favorite one on your phone, Chatbooks automatically adds it to your book. Your book creates itself, without any extra effort.

Easy Edits

Each time you get close to 60 new photos in your book, you’ll get a notification. Go ahead and edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit captions, and move things around. Or just relax and don’t worry about edits!

Free Shipping

Our team prints your book and drops it right in the mail! As a photo book series customer, you’ll receive free standard shipping on your books. Upgrade to a faster shipping option if you prefer.

Risk Free

You can feel confident in our money back guarantee. If your Chatbooks aren’t perfect, our acclaimed customer support team will fix them for you free of charge. Still not happy? Get your money back.


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    Easy, affordable photo books

    Documenting your favorite memories shouldn’t be a “project”—because you definitely don’t need another thing on your to-do list. Instead, experience the magic of the Chatbooks Photo Book Series service. Built to fit into your life, and your budget, whether you’re a busy mom or a globe trotter. Live your life, and let Chatbooks print it!