Every Chatbook tells a unique story. The How I Chatbook Series is a collection of those stories highlighting how people around the world use Chatbooks to help them hold on to what matters.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a Chatbook of your students year of school!

Meet Keenan

Photo Book Ideas: Create A Personalized School Year Book

Keenan is a mom of two young kids—between taking care of her baby daughter Mila and her wild son Logan, she still wants to find ways to document life. Keenan preserves memories because “The year passes so quickly and kids grow in the blink of an eye, it’s important to remember the little moments as well as the big ones.”

When her son started kindergarten, Keenan created a special Chatbook to keep all of Logan’s Kindergarten memories in one place. She made text pages to including stats like his height, weight, or number of teeth lost and questions about his current favorite things. Throughout the year she added pictures of school programs, field trips, and artwork/handwriting samples. She included quotes from him about the event or artwork in the captions and says it’s a perfectly captures his fun personality.  With Chatbooks, she’s found the perfect way to hold onto all of her son’s childhood memories. “Not only will I get to record his growth as a student, and child, but I’ll be able to capture his personality, and do so in a manner which isn’t time consuming, daunting, or inconvenient” says Keenan.

Photo Book Ideas: Create A Personalized School Year Book

Here’s How Keenan Creates a School Year Chatbook:

  1. She created a new Custom book.
  2. She inserted text pages to write out the Q&A with her son at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.
  3. She took pictures on the first day of school, artwork, and writing assignments throughout the year then added quotes and highlights of memorable moments as the captions.

Photo Book Ideas: Create A Personalized School Year Book

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