Are you a dog person? Cat person? Rat person? (It’s a thing. Google it!) No matter what pet is your cup of tea, pet owners are hopelessly devoted to them. Once again, our resident party girl (event planner, same thing) Rikki is back to talk about her love of pets and how she uses Chatbooks to prove it.

“Give me allllllll the cats!” is Rikki’s favorite thing to say, after spending hours at night looking up cat memes and silly cat videos. “What I love about cats, is they come to you on their terms! You can’t force a cat to love you, so when they curl up and purr and knead you, it’s the most satisfying thing.” Rikki is an indiscriminate lifelong pet lover. Besides the typical cat and dog, she’s had gerbils, snakes, horses, fish, and chickens to name a few. Currently, her household includes a French bulldog named Dixie, two cats, Peter and King Louie, and 7 fish. Although her husband Tyler says their pet family is complete, it never surprises him when he catches Rikki scrolling through the local pet ads. “You know….just for fun! 😉😉” said Rikki.

“I grew up surrounded by animals. My family dabbled in farm life so I’ve been familiar with animals from a very young age. I knew when I became a mother, that I wanted my kids to experience life with pets”, said Rikki. She believes that having pets has helped teach her kids about responsibility. They are all active participants in the care of all the animals.

“Besides learning how to change the cat litter, I love that my kids can experience the unconditional love that pets can bring! No matter what mood they come home from school in, Dixie is always waiting at the door, wagging her entire body. It always puts a smile on their faces!”

Because Rikki treats her pets as members of the family, it’s only natural that she takes lots of pictures of them (and regularly posts about being jealous of her sleeping dog, while she’s racing out the door for something or other!) “Creating a Chatbook was an obvious thing for me. I like to make yearly Chatbooks of each of our kids, so why not make one of our pets?!” said Rikki. “And besides, none of my pets moan and groan when I pull out my camera.”

Rikki pulled together her best pet photos, added them to Chatbooks, and selected a pet designer cover for the book. And voila! The perfect pet photo book was created.    

For Rikki and her family, the pet photo book is the best way to reminisce about the fun memories they’ve created with their fluffiest friends. They love looking back at puppy photos, silly costumes, and accidental messes. “I just absolutely love catching my kids flipping through the book and hearing them giggle at the funny pictures.”

Your pet might not appreciate their Chatbook, but you and your family certainly will! Just don’t leave it on a low shelf so they can “love” it with their teeth.
Make Your Pet Photo Book