Your mom called and all she wants for Mother’s Day is a Chatbook. Make your Mother’s Day Chatbook extra special with a custom cover by Melanie Burke! Click here for even more Chatbooks cover options.

Here’s how:
1. If you’re on a computer: Double click the image you want so it’s full size, then drag off to your desktop to save it.
2. If you’re on a phone or tablet: Tap the image you want, and a little bar will pop up on the bottom of your screen where you can choose to Save Image. (If you don’t see this bar, choose to “Open in browser/ Open in Safari, where you should then see the bar.)
3. When you create your Chatbook, click on the “Cover” button. You’ll be able to choose a photo from “Other Sources.” Then simply click Camera Roll (or Photos if you’re on your computer) and choose the image you downloaded. It’ll load in as your cover and is ready to print!
4. p.s. Make sure you order by April, 25 2016 for Mother’s┬áDay delivery!

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