You know how it goes: Wake up, feed and dress the kiddos, drop them at school, whittle away at your unending to-do list, pick up the kids, get everyone fed and bathed once more, finally manage to hit the pillow, and then you wake up and do it all over again. Being a mom means being BUSY! It takes a lot of energy to wrangle kids, keep everyone clean and well fed, and manage to bring in a little extra income on top of your many mom duties.

It’s not easy finding a job that gives you some extra cash, but also allows for a little freedom and the ability to work from home. The moms in our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook Group have discussed this issue a few times recently, and we gathered some of the most helpful insights and ideas from the comments to share with you. If you can make time in your packed schedule, one of the following options might be a perfect match for a busy mom such as yourself.

Get crafty! Do you have a passion for making soap, knitting beautiful scarves, or sewing cute kid clothes? You should consider opening an Etsy shop or renting a booth at your local farmers’ market to display your wares! Best of all, there are lots of easy, fun crafting tasks you can assign to your kiddos to keep them busy and helpful.  

Try online language tutoring. A group of #Momforce members recommended connecting with a company that allows you to teach, tutor or practice speaking English with students online. In particular, check out Qkids and VIPKID, both companies that help students in China improve their English. Some (but not all!) of these companies require a college degree or prior experience working with kids—if that’s you, it might be a perfect fit. One mom works about 25 hours a week and makes $2,000/month from home!

Moms love multi-level marketing. Many #Momforce members are involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) companies like Masckara, Young Living, Rodan + Fields, and Senegence. These MLMs allow moms to make money based off how many sales they make each month. Some of these companies and products offer a great reason to have friends over once in a blue moon so you can host a party to showcase and sell your products. (You know you’ve been dying for a reason to host grown-ups in your home again instead of another teddy bear tea party.)

Treat others to your hidden talents. Did you take singing lessons as a kid and still blow everyone away when you sing at church? Maybe you’re exceptionally talented at piano. Most of us have a special talent that we might not realize is marketable until we start teaching it. Music, art, and writing lessons are easy to teach in your home and can be quite profitable!

You got this, mama! With so many wonderful options out there for the stay-at-home or full-time working mom, it’s easy to earn a little extra cash!


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