Over the past few months Vanessa and I have been talking a lot about what it takes to be happy. Not just distracted or amused or entertained happy, but real happy. Meaning-of-life happy. The kind of happy we’re all hoping to find. The kind of happy we want for our kids.

We keep coming back to a photo I took years ago of our daughter Laken. I was dropping her off at middle school, and I remember looking over and realizing that there wasn’t anything greater in the world than being there in that moment with my wonderful daughter and loving her like crazy. I wanted to freeze time so badly—so I took a picture.

There wasn’t anything special about that morning. But for some reason, I just had a moment of clarity and gratitude. Laken is now a college student, but I’ve re-lived that same moment many times since as I’ve dropped off her younger sister Claire at school…and then Isabelle. It’s even happened to me a few times as I’ve dropped off our boys :).

We all know that these small moments are what matter most, and we’re all trying to hold on to them. But the really incredible thing is that as we start valuing and holding onto these moments, we start to see more of them. We start expecting them, looking for them, and finding them again and again. And these are the moments that make us truly happy.

In the end, we hope Chatbooking helps you live a little happier. Being able to work on something we care about this much is an incredible privilege—thank you for making it possible.


Nate & Vanessa
Chatbooks co-founders

P.s. We know it’s not always easy—or sometimes even possible—to live happy. So we are supporting causes, like the Everyday Strong initiative, that help parents help their kids with anxiety and depression.

Read more about how we’re donating a portion of our sales to support emotional wellness in kids through a new initiative from the United Way called EveryDay Strong. We’d like to send you a free copy of this program’s Resilience Handbook. It provides expert-designed tools and exercises that you can use to build resilience in kids you love.

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