Longest Birthday Ever!


We *love* birthdays at Chatbooks. Cake, candles, presents and an excuse to look back on all of the little moments that made up the last year? Count us in! But what if your birth"day" only comes around once every 4 years??

For the special babies who are born on Leap Day, you deserve a celebration of your special day, too! And to make it extra special, we’re offering you a birthday gift: 4 years of photo books to capture all the moments between your “birthdays.”

To claim your birthday gift, email hello@chatbooks.com by March 7th, 2020 with the subject line “Longest Birthday Ever!”

Offer valid for printing one photo a day in Chatbooks’ Ongoing Series Softcover Photo Books into a total of up to 25 books over 4 years. Total offer value up to $250. Offer valid for U.S. residents only. 

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