During these winter months, it’s not much fun to play outside for very long. Let’s face it: your kids are literally bouncing off the walls, you’re feeling trapped inside your home and wondering how to tame the inner beast inside your children so you can enjoy just a few minutes of peace, right?!

We get it. And so do our moms in the #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group. We’ve come together to get creative about indoor play time with a variety of ways to keep the kiddos stimulated. We gathered the following helpful insights and actionable ideas from the comments to help keep your little savages busy and entertained!

Bring the backyard to them. It can be a lot of fun for your wee ones to ride a trike or scooter in a long hallway or large living room. In fact, riding inside means they can teach themselves how to do it without getting hurt. One #Momforce member said “carpet can slow them down and break any falls, which is honestly better than learning on pavement or gravel!” You could even buy a large Lovesac or Crash Pad for kids to run into, jump on, or prevent their trikes or scooters from scratching up the walls.

Make the most of your indoor space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a long hallway, you can set up plastic cups and get a small ball to recreate a bowling alley. Additionally, you can make race tracks by taping areas on your floor for the kids to play with their cars. One #Momforce member suggested using washi tape (because we certainly don’t have time to use it for scrapbooking!).

Keep the peace. There are many indoor activities to keep kids occupied and best of all, quiet. My Little Sandbox is like a tiny zen garden for your kids with options such as pirates, kitten tea party, horse stable, dog party, castle and knights, and so on. You can also keep them quiet and thoughtful by baking something special together. (Quiet time obviously doesn’t rule out mess making!)

Let your little Picassos paint. If you don’t mind trading peace and quiet for a lot of cleanup, you can always let them finger paint. One #Momforce member suggested this brilliant idea: tape over some paper in designs, have your kids paint over it, and then pull off the tape later to make some awesome, modern art. Finger painting is great because it allows kids to be creative and get their hands into something. Alternately, break out the Play-Doh for a similar activity if you’re weary of paint cleanup.

Dance it out. You can play Just Dance on the wii, or turn your lights off and get glow sticks to create a dance party your kids will love. Have everyone make up a new move and take turns copying each other. This always ends in lots of laughter and best of all—it’s sure to wear your wee ones out!

Don’t you fret, mama! There’s a lot you can do to keep your littles entertained and busy this winter. And keep in mind—spring is just a few weeks away!


The #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group is a community and support group for women hosted by Chatbooks. Join us here for tips, tricks, and mom relief efforts.