Rachelle Packard from our Momforce Facebook group authored this post.

Every parent has been there: you’re having the most amazing adventure with your little guys and absolutely must document the moment so it can last forever. It’s all going so well when you say, “Ok sweetheart, say cheese!”

And BOOM! Cue the mean looks, crying, wiggles, and other efforts to ruin a perfect photo op. All you wanted was one measly photo to remember the moment. How in the world can you manage to catch an unrehearsed moment of joy without the blurriness and tantrums?

The members of our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group have weighed in with their favorite tips and tricks for catching those special moments with your wiggly little rays of sunshine. With smartphones readily accessible, there are more ways than ever for moms to utilize all that advanced memory-making technology!

Keep it clean. The number one tip we got was to clean your phone’s camera lens. It’s crazy how much dirt and grime those little things accumulate. Use a soft cloth (or more realistically, your t-shirt) to wipe off your lens before you start shooting. This makes a whole world of difference in your photo quality.

Oh, snap! Make sure you’ve cleared plenty of storage space and just snap away. The chances of those little ones holding perfectly still for the ideal photo op are pretty slim. Having a number of photos to go back and choose from will yield much better results.

Be a fly on the wall. Kids can be notoriously camera shy. Just be their shadow. The less they notice you, the more candid your photos will be. Let them wander as you follow. While they explore their own little world, you’ll be better positioned to catch those sweet uncharted moments.

Change is good. Always be altering your point of view. If you find yourself typically shooting photos from above, try getting down at eye level with them. Take a few steps back to include other interesting elements in your scene as well. Different angles will help give you plenty of photos to showcase your kiddos in their natural element.

We hope these tips can help you preserve more memories with as little stress as possible. But whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with those little cuties as your subject. Just remember: always be snapping! You’ve got this, mama!


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