It’s back to school time! This time of year is both amazing (no more 24/7 snack patrol, no more bickering, no more morning rush) and sad (no more summer adventuring, no more lazy mornings, no more pool days). But sometimes the toughest part is how all those back-to-school needs can break the bank. We polled our #Momforce community to share their strategy for finding the best back to school deals and here’s what they came up with.

Clean out the closet. First thing’s first: get rid of the clothes that don’t fit, are too old, or your kid simply won’t wear. No need to have those taking up anymore space! If your school wears uniforms (you lucky dog!), check to see if they recycle them too. If you’re stuck with a variety of clothes, you can either donate them, give them away, or sell them at a consignment store for some extra cash. Cha-ching!

Clip those coupons. Combine coupons, store cash, and sales to get the best possible deals on clothing for your family. It takes a bit more planning but the payoff is worth it! Often during back-to-school season, outlets offer coupons in addition to their already low prices to get even more bang for your buck.

Poppin’ tags. Thrift stores and consignment shops are where it’s at. You can get name brand clothes for pennies and bonus points for saving threads from landfills! You might pay a bit more than thrift store prices at consignment shops, but everything is curated so there’s less digging for the best items and name brands.

Take it online. One of our Momforce moms runs a deal site with links to daily fab finds. There are usually good swap groups on Facebook, so be sure to check in your area. Or do what one mom does and swap with a friend. Win-win! Stalk these sites during back to school season but be quick— good deals get snatched up fast! Another option is Kids on 45th. It’s like consignment and a subscription box all in one!

Get new stuff for less. Buy off clearance racks at the end of season and set those items aside for the next year. Just remember to err on the side of too big so they can grow into it. And don’t forget bulk stores for clothing and shoes! Stores like Sam’s Club and Costco will often have name brand merchandise—Tom’s, Skechers, Levi’s just to name a few—at drastically reduced prices.

Finding clothes the kiddos love is tricky, but not impossible, especially with so many great options. You’ve got this, mama! Now if there was just a way to help with packed lunches, homework, after-school activities, and all the other good stuff coming your way. 😉


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