As the month of May rolls around, there are so many activities, parties, end-of-year celebrations, sports events, parent-teacher conferences, assemblies, graduations, pictures, and the list goes on and on. It can all start to feel like far too much. Our Momforce by Chatbooks on Facebook group had some amazing suggestions on ways to help ease that end-of-the-year chaos.

Let it go. Sometimes there are strict house rules: no processed food, no screen time, packed home lunches, etc. But the year-end rolls around and suddenly it’s time to let go off leash a little bit—time to step back and send money for school lunch, throw in the frozen pizza, and whatever else gets you through the day. The first step to gaining control again is to let go. Let go of the little things that take up time, but will be okay short term.

Get an early start. Now is the time to get ahead of the game. Need teacher gifts in three weeks, but you’re at the store now? Buy them early and check it off the list. If you know you need to send out graduation announcements in two months, order them now and start addressing and stamping them before it gets hectic. Getting an early start and avoiding the long to-do lists at the last seconds of the end of the school year is a good way to ease your overall stress.

Picture it. Remember these precious moments of the final year by keeping up with your photos. It might seem like all you’ve done is take photo after photo in the past few weeks at all the different events and ceremonies, but taking another one won’t hurt. Photos help you remember all the good times in years to come and really help you hold on to the important things!

Enjoy the ride. Take a step back and try to enjoy these moments because they will be the most important in your life. Enjoy every award ceremony and final report card, because those little ones will be grown up before you know it!

No matter how you close out the school year, summer is just around the corner with it’s own crazy to-do list! Grab some sunscreen and start booking those summer activities—you’ve got this, mama!


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