The world’s tallest building. An indoor ski slope (at a mall!). The red sands of the Arabian desert. These are just a few of the amazing sites that I saw on vacation with my dad this year. My dad just retired after working as a tax attorney and one of the things he promised to do when he retired was to go on more travel adventures. My sister and I jumped at the chance to all visit Dubai together!

Dubai is an unbelievable travel destination—world-famous beaches, skyscrapers, man-made islands, shopping, there’s something for everyone! We all took hundreds of pictures on our phones throughout the trip. Usually, when I go on vacation, the pictures are left to whither in the digital wasteland of iPhoto on my computer. They never resurface again.

But this trip deserved better. It was my dad’s retirement trip! So… we made a Chatbook!

I started a book in the Chatbooks app and showed my dad and my sister how to download the app, enter their contributor code, and then add their favorite pictures to the book. Just the experience of putting the pictures together in the book was an excuse to laugh and share again.  All of our  memories will live on in our Chatbook, which I just got printed to give to my dad on Father’s Day. It’s a small way that I can say “Thanks Dad for a wonderful vacation. And for all of the laughs, lessons, and adventures!”


Quick instructions on how to add a contributor:

  1. Choose the book you would like to add your contributor to.  
  2. Tap the “Contributor Icon” directly above the book: the circle with an outline of a person with a plus sign.
  3. You will see a unique code at the bottom of the screen, that you can share via email, text message, Twitter, etc.
  4. When you share the code with people, they can contribute to the book.  

Watch this video!


Quick instructions on adding photos as a contributor:

  1. Once you receive a code to contribute to a book, open the Chatbooks app.
  2. Tap the blue “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click “Do you have a code?” Yes! You just received a code.
  4. Type in the code.
  5. Redeem that code, and you’re in. Now you can work together to edit and create the perfect Chatbook.

Watch the video!