Before those school days slip away and we move into summer memory making, we chatted with Keenan, one of our most creative Chatbooks employees. She always impresses us with her outstanding photo books and projects. “On the first day of school,” said Keenan, “I snapped a photo of my little boy and added it to a brand new book I titled Kindergarten | 2016-2017.”

Each day when he got home from school, Keenan emptied his backpack and took photos of any projects, notes, or papers she wanted to save. “I cropped the photos to size and added them to the book at the end of each day with a caption, if necessary.”

Any photos Keenan took at school throughout the year—class parties, school plays, or other events—were added to the book as they were taken.

“At several points throughout the year, I’d ask my son a series of questions like, ‘Who’s your best friend, what do you want to be when you grow up, what’s your favorite subject in school, what do you like to do at recess,’ and add that Q&A to a text page in the book. I made sure to do at least one of these interviews at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. I also made sure to use text pages to record things like height, weight, and the number of teeth he lost.”

Since Keenan doesn’t have a scanner, she snapped pictures of his report cards and similar progress reports with her phone. “I included cards and notes from his teachers, and screenshots of nice emails sent to me about him.” At the end of the school year, she took the photos that were significant pages from his school yearbook—knowing very well it would be lost in no time—and added those to the book as well.

“On the last day of school, I took one last photo of him. After all his projects and report cards made it home, I added their photos to the book and placed my order. The 8×8” size made reading report cards and other type so much easier!”

Keenan created something really special to help her son hold on to his first year of school. Even if your kiddos don’t appreciate it now, they’ll love looking back on these memories as they grow up.