Organized Chaos: Cambridge English Dictionary defines this as “a situation in which there seems to be a lot of confusion and no organization, which makes you surprised that the results are good.” And according to Rikki, our Chatbooks Events Coordinator, this is the perfect definition of her family life.

“Growing up with 12 kids in my family was amazing. There was always something to do, someone to hang out with, and some kind of trouble to get into!” said Rikki. “As we grew up, my parents were very intentional in making sure our family relationships were fostered. We had dinners together, and planned reunions and trips. But these types of things got harder as family members inevitably moved farther and farther away from each other.”

Rikki has siblings scattered across the US, from coast to coast. With 55 nieces and nephews (and another babe on the way),  it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up when someone loses their first tooth, catches a fish nearly their size, or has a school dance over the weekend.

Enter Chatbooks!

“Our contributors’ photo books are the ultimate Chatbooks!” said Rikki. “It’s the Chatbook my kids look forward to getting the most! I think it’s also the unsung hero of Chatbooks, with few users even knowing how to use this fabulous feature!”

Each of Rikki’s family members who contribute to the book can add photos and captions to their shared photo book subscription, which they have titled “MunnsWorld.” Grandma and Grandpa Munns get to see all of the photos of their kids’ and grandkids’ adventures when their Chatbooks arrive in the mail.

But not every one of the Munns family wants ALL the photos in their books. Since each person has their own Chatbooks account, they can edit the book however they choose, without affecting someone else’s book! For example: Rikki can add seven pictures of her 10 year old’s birthday party to the MunnsWorld book. Not everyone will want all seven of those photos. So each individual can go in, exclude six, and just keep their favorite one. And likewise! As much as Rikki loves her sister, she doesn’t need 11 photos of their trip to Santa Clara. Rikki can pick her favorites and exclude the ones she doesn’t want. In the end, what ships to each family is a very individualized Chatbook of the entire extended MunnsWorld clan, edited to their specifications.

“I love that my MunnsWorld book doesn’t necessarily look like my brother’s book. I can change my cover to something more personal, but still include that photo of my nephew and the buzzcut he gave the family dog.”

Rikki loves her organized chaotic family life. And thanks to Chatbooks and the contributor feature, she can hold on to her long-distance organized chaos for years to come!

If Rikki’s contributor book has inspired you, learn more about adding contributors to your photo books.


Rikki Anderson is the little sister of our own Chatbooker-in-Chief, Vanessa Quigley. Rikki is a Florida transplant, living in the shadows of Utah’s mountains. She’s been married for 17 years, has seven kids, two cats, a dog, and a neverending to-do list. Most of the time you can find her at her kids’ sporting events or trying to pressure her husband into just one more cat.