In addition to being the most painful thing mankind has ever stepped on in bare feet, Legos are also a bit of a heartbreak in the kid art department. As every parent knows, kids often create seriously stunning works of art from those foot fatal little bricks. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to put each creation on the shelf forever.

Brittany at Chatbooks understands life in the Lego lane and found a solution to this problem. She takes photos of each Lego creation that her son builds and features them in their very own Chatbook! “Sometimes these masterpieces get broken,” said Brittany. “Usually by me in the middle of the night when I accidentally step on them—OUCH! Sometimes they get tossed in a drawer, never to be seen again. Most of the time, we need those Legos for a new project, so we have to deconstruct that little bit of architecture.”

What better solution than compiling those great photos together in a book?

Brittany started by gathering all the Lego pieces her son had built and staging them in natural light. “I made sure the fragile structures were far out of reach from little sister and puppy while doing our mini photo shoots with Clayface, all the Avengers, and Justice League, and Star Wars flying machines galore,” said Brittany. She took photos from different angles so her son, Miles, could remember all the facets and nuances of the Lego creations he worked so hard on. Of course, Miles LOVED it!

Next, she uploaded the photos through the Chatbooks app to create a quick and easy book straight from her phone. “I wanted this book to be extra special,” said Brittany. “So I took a photo of Miles holding his favorite Lego piece for the book’s cover.”

Once all the photos were added, Miles helped her create fun names as captions for the Lego sets, and even helped title the book. Another option is to do this secretly and surprise the kiddos with their Lego book. “Experts say to make sure you display your children’s work on the fridge,” said Brittany. “And to tell your kids what you love about it. This Lego Chatbook is the ultimate way to display and preserve your little Lego mastermind’s best work.”


Brittany found a solution to all those Lego works of genius that never get the recognition they deserve, all while making her little guy feel special. She’s still trying to find a way to guard against the ol’ surprise Lego in the foot, but promises to update us if she ever cracks that case. 😉