It can be such an exciting time when you’re expecting a new baby, but what about those older siblings? How will they adjust? Our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group had some amazing tips and tricks to help the transition when bringing that new bundle home.

Brush up on literature. There are so many wonderful books out there about becoming a big brother or sister. Reading about the change will help your little one gain some comprehension on what is about to happen while getting them excited too. It also will offer sweet snuggle time with you and your eldest.

Practice makes perfect. Start out with a little baby doll for your kids. Yes, even the boys! Get them familiar with things that will be happening around the house and use the doll as a play example. Pretend to change diapers, put the baby down for a nap, and practice being quiet. Bust out all your baby gear and play with the “baby.” This can also help them practice being gentle.

Everyone loves gifts. Sometimes if your baby manages to magically appear with a special present or two for older siblings, that simple gesture can really seal the deal in getting the relationship off to a great start. It can help older siblings feel some love from the new addition, even if that gift was really from Mom. You can also take kids to the store to pick out a gift for the new baby. It may be just the thing to make them feel special before the new baby starts getting most of the attention.

Make a special place. Prepare a special bin full of activities, toys, and snacks that can be enjoyed by your kiddos when you are nursing the little one. When you’re done nursing, put the box away so that it remains a special occasion for your older kids. This will give you some much needed alone time with the new babe, and keeps them entertained with new, fun toys!

Enlist some in-home help. Sign your older child up for baby duty! Even if it’s small things like them throwing away diapers or sprinting to get you a spit-up cloth, make them feel needed by helping with this new baby. Also, letting them hold the baby, play with the baby, and choose toys for the baby is a good way to get them interacting and bonding with the little one!

Pay extra attention to your older kids. Giving older siblings your attention will really help them feel loved and wanted instead of replaced. Scheduling some special one-on-one time with them—maybe during baby’s nap or when your partner is home—may be just what they need!

Hopefully, these tried and true tips will help with your transition as your family grows. You’ve got this, mama!


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