Ah, the beach! Sunshine, sand, salt on your fingers and toes—it can be a picturesque summer day, or a stressful nightmare. Our #Momforce by Chatbooks Facebook group has crowdsourced some tried and true tips to make it easier for all you mamas who have ocean-induced anxiety.

Be prepared. Make a list of all those must-not-forget items such as sunscreen, sand toys, floaties, towels, change of clothes, sandals, shovels, baby powder, drinking water, chairs, blankets, and anything else someone will have a fit about missing once you arrive. Being prepared will lead to being relaxed later!

Get VIP parking. Learn the parking situation before you leave. If you’re headed to a public beach with a lot that’s bigger than the ocean itself, arriving early to snag a prime spot is absolutely worth it. All that carefully packed stuff doesn’t lug itself across the sand, especially while wrangling kids. The fewer steps between you and the shorefront, the better!

Dig deep. As many moms know, digging a big, deep hole will occupy kids of all ages for hours. If you want to elevate their digging game, bring a garden spade instead of a plastic shovel. Feel free to help the kids get trenching by kicking off the digging yourself!

Powder down. Dreading that post-beach car vacuuming? A somewhat secret key to success for any sandy activity is rubbing baby powder on them at the end of the day. It makes sand magically disappear from even the stickiest toddler.

Watching your munchkins build sandcastles and summer memories is worth all the hassle. Try not to sweat the imperfections of the day. Be sure to take a moment to breathe deeply and take it all in as it’s flying by. You’ve got this, mama!


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