Jessica Sorensen is a member of our Momforce group and wrote this post.

We’ve all been there. The alarm buzzes at 5 AM, you hit snooze, then you decide to sleep an extra hour before the kids wake up, so you turn the alarm off completely. The gym can wait until tomorrow. Again. We go about our days and keep trying to find time to work exercise into the rotation. Some days it happens, most days it doesn’t. It’s not so much about having a hot summer bod or a six pack a month after having a baby (yeah, right), but I think we can all agree a little exercise makes us happier with a stronger sense of tackling our day.

So how can we find time for fitness between making lunches, cleaning house, grocery shopping, bathing kids, homework and so much more? Here are a few simple ways to make time each day to get that heart rate up.

Start small. We all have five minutes to spare. So maybe you won’t scroll through Facebook today—but you could have a quick workout. No matter how busy you are, spare five minutes a day just for you. Take a walk around the block or do a quick set of crunches while the kids run around the living room. The next thing you know, that five minutes could turn into 10, then 30. Starting small will motivate you to keep going each day.

Mix it into your daily routine. When you pick up toys, work in a squat (or several). When you’re making dinner, squeeze those glutes. When you take your kids to the park, climb the stairs and playground with them. These little moments add up, and the best part is you won’t even know you’ve soon completed a whole workout for the day.

Make it a fun family affair. Load the kids into the stroller and go for a 30 minute walk that ends at the park. Plan a fun family hike on a Saturday morning. Play a baseball or basketball game in the yard. This way the whole family is getting in a little exercise and no one will even realize it.

Finding time to work out can be hard during a busy family life. But the health benefits from getting a little exercise—no matter how little the amount of time you can spare— will be worth trying to fit it in each day. You’ve got this, mama!


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