We’ve all seen the meme, and nothing could be closer to the truth for Rikki, Chatbooks’s event/party planner. With nine humans living under her roof, laundry can end up as her most time-consuming chore. She’s tried every method of tackling laundry and is here to tell us what worked (and what didn’t).

“I have mild PTSD from the mountains of laundry I folded regularly when I was a child,” joked Rikki, who grew up with eleven other siblings. “As soon as you were old enough to sit up in our house, you were propped in front of laundry to fold.”

Although she may have had plenty of practice with laundry growing up, Rikki still found that she needed more than a wicked towel folding method to stay on top of things in her own home. “As my family grew, laundry went from being an afterthought to being front and center of my to-do list. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but being holed up in a hot laundry room 24/7 is not my idea of how I wanna spend my days.”

Rikki gave us her top tips on how she keeps her family’s laundry in check and herself out of the laundry room.

Stay on top. “When my family was small and just starting, I had a laundry day. Our baskets would slowly fill up, and then on laundry day, I would do my few loads, and that would be it.” Rikki laughed, “But these days if I wait a week, I’d be drowning! For me, it works best to do a load or two a day. I do the ‘quick wash’ cycle and before mid-morning, it’s all caught up!”

The laundromat is your friend. Despite her best-laid plans, Rikki still finds herself buried beneath baskets of laundry at times. And instead of spending four days playing catch up, she runs to her local laundromat. “It’s like a little slice of heaven there. Rows and rows of empty washers and dryers! I fill them all up, grab a book I’ve been wanting to read, and spend a little ‘me time’ while things get clean.” Rikki also swears by the laundromat when it comes to washing linens. “I have eight beds of sheets and comforters that I need to keep clean. My poor machines would putter out if I put them through that every month, er, week. I definitely mean week!” 😉

“If they don’t care, I don’t care.” When Rikki was first married, she would lovingly flip her husband’s socks right side out before matching them. As the weeks wore on, she found she was still flipping them right side out. She started to tell herself that he didn’t care about her time or her feelings, because if he did, “He would just KNOW that he should be flipping them right side out for me!” said Rikki. “When I asked him if he noticed his socks were always right side out, he shrugged and said no. So I decided that if he didn’t care, I didn’t care. And I quit! And was much happier for it.”

Put your own clothes away. “Nothing chaps me faster,” said Rikki, “than carrying a pile of perfectly folded t-shirts to my son’s dresser, only to pull it open and see the previously perfectly folded pile of t-shirts shoved and wrestled back into his drawer like balled up pieces of trash.” So to avoid dumping the contents out on his floor, she now makes her kids put their own clothes away. It’s a simple laundry chore that even the youngest child can do. “I actually really like to fold clothes,” confessed Rikki. “Not sure what that says about me—must be something about turning chaos into neatness. But it was driving me bananas to see the condition of my kids’ dressers. So now I don’t. It’s a win-win for all of us!”

We can’t all love to fold laundry like Rikki, but we can all agree that every little tip helps. Whether you’re a household of one or thirty-one, we wish you the best in lightening your load on laundry day!


Rikki Anderson is the little sister of our own Chatbooker-in-Chief, Vanessa Quigley. Rikki is a Florida transplant, living in the shadows of Utah’s mountains. She’s been married for 17 years, has seven kids, two cats, a dog, and a neverending to-do list. Most of the time you can find her at her kids’ sporting events or trying to pressure her husband into just one more cat.