Our mission at Chatbook is to help you hold on to what matters. One of our team members, Brett, set an amazing example of doing just that when he shared the story behind his Chatbooks Series photo books.

 Brett’s dad suffered a major stroke just after Brett moved away from home to Utah. Already determined to stay connected to his family, Brett decided to take it up a notch. He began taking a photo a day, every day, all year long.

Each time Brett collects 60 photos, he sends a copy of his completed book to his dad. His dad has been able to follow along with Brett’s life and can see what his son is doing every single day. Despite the distance between them, the two of them feel connected through these special photo books.

Maintaining it as his morning routine, Brett hops on the Chatbooks app at the start of each day, uploads his photo from the previous day, and adds his caption. He and his dad now have a collection of several Chatbooks full of photos, so either of them can go back and enjoy something small about every day of Brett’s time in Utah. There are pictures of Brett’s basketball team, birthday celebrations, travel adventures, and more. Even though there’s distance between them, Brett’s dad feels as though his son is just a little teal envelope away.

Although Brett admits it’s a great ambition to take a photo each day of what he’s doing or the places he visits, sometimes he gets home, turns on Netflix, and realizes he forgot to take a photo that day. In those instances, Brett takes a photo of what he’s watching, because—let’s face it—Netflix has become a part of most of our lives! Of course, Brett’s dad doesn’t mind. He enjoys keeping up with all the daily ongoings—and downtime—of his son.

Brett has always enjoyed journaling as a way to look back on his life, but he’d become too busy to keep up with it. His new photo-a-day habit solved that problem too. Now he can look back on every day each year by simply snapping a photo and uploading it to a Chatbook!

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